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So you're on the mend now. Westbound. 90 issues 88 3 55 53 3 90 Fine.


Dave Kern. Ernie's Radio, 7 80 in 105.9 FM news time. 7 40 gates traffic and weather together on the gates, who's clearly After a sort of struggle a thon on the south bound side of the tri state tollway after an earlier rolled over box truck sort of pinned in a smaller car and required extrication. It required five hours of extensive cleanup. Herself onto 94 95th. All of that noise has finally been silenced. The delay is finally starting to ease up on lanes have been re open. So just a little bit busy here. From the Maya Long Bridge to 90 15 of the earlier crash, but again with lanes open. We are seeing this delay start to ease bit by bit here, all good for you on the Eaton's all good for you on the Kennedy, No Eisenhower nor Stevenson delays. Dan Ryan, checking in just fine. 57 is good, but the outcome Bishop Ford It's

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