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Born in the United States, but there's a lot of people out there who really feel put upon And they're they're down trodden on that they have been beaten down. Not given an opportunity. Get up and and again, I think black white man. Is a front for a lot of things. I mean, look what state it has been like, 49 11 since 9 11 in black, just killing each other. So death a problem? Well, this there's a lot of crime, black on black crime and getting black community. Well, let me finish if I could build if I lived in a black community of be very concerned about That crime, But I don't live in that community, and it may be that people in that community are so afraid they don't want to point fingers on DH. It's easier to find. I mean, the case of everybody knows George Floyd's name. Uh, at the same time. There were. I think it's two or three young black men have been killed out in Seattle in that That little complex of five or six blocks. No one knows those pimples, Noah whatever. Yeah, yeah, you know, chop Chazz. Whatever they want to call it today. Yeah, after some cartoon dog, Well, whatever the bottom. The bottom line is those those young people's and they were shot to death and the police can't get in there. The The police have been ordered by the politicians out there to stay out and they'd surrendered the police station. Is that our future? Is that the future? No. You know what? You know what Here's here's what it is. What the thing is, is like Even not the last, you know, turning this century century before that you had a nice black communities. I mean, where you didn't have that, and they would handle that. What now is Just mayhem there. I mean, you had communities probably, you know, in the late 18 hundreds, where If that stuff was going on. Well, you had you had a community tells her Oklahoma which was called Well, listen, listen to me, Bill. Unless I've listened to you a lot here. I want you to hear what I'm saying. There was a community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in which people were slaughtered. You know, 99 years ago. Oh, yeah to 19th Oh, totally totally

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