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Azzan old cases that people who are economically not able to engage in some of the things that benefit others. They always in general, get a short end of the stick on that, and that's what we have to be concerned about. Right, Right. Well, how is I think this is a really important place where we have the potential to work? Sure that is. We expand surveillance testing. Occupational testing. Look at our schools are higher institutions of higher education coming back. But we have the ability to do this and that the ability to care for that test is in a barrier. So I appreciate your Alexander you mentioned this is the beginning. Others of my colleagues have mentioned this place where we could work together. In a constructive way. I want to ask a question specifically related to vaccines because it's been a lot of discussion about this a lot of discussion about how we can ensure that people trusted vaccines that they are say that they work and the long term consequences potential negative side effects. We understand those Senator Tina Smith. Let me just ask

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