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FOF # 2879 You Dont Nomi: 25 Years of Showgirls - burst 6



In rocky horror picture show actually a lot of people don't know. was actually a commercially successful film. And Actually Let, a green lit. This independent film made by a Young College Student George Lucas. Star Wars would not have been made had a rocky horror picture show not been successful. It was and in fact, a lot of the trans the conventional from the Transylvanian. Conference right the unconventional conventions. especially, that tall guy who eats the cake in that scene, he was a standard for true in the first star wars film. And the casting agency is called the ugly agency. Assistance in the UK. A Son In my resume. They just need a photo. Now Elizabeth Berkley in an attempt to wrestle with the complicated relationship. That Hollywood has with feminism and sexuality. She came out with a book. A while back called ask. What was it was a ask Elizabeth where she was giving real answers to everything secretly wanted to know about love friends, your body and life in general, and she started a nonprofit foundation for for young women. What

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