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Skies tomorrow with highs around 70 at the beaches and mid eighties inland. This support brought to you by Napa auto parts and let's head over to Roland Heights has a crash on the 60. This's along the eastbound side coming up on a Zeus said they have to square a record them blocking the two middle lanes and big delays are pretty dense, getting away from Hacienda Boulevard, most of seeing some slow traffic heading into the car home past. This is all due to an earlier wreck. Lanka Home Boulevard off the North found side Kent King Brooke that earlier rackets gone and travel is now moving through. But it's still very dense. Getting away from just about Ken would and the 15 North bound still solid away from Glen Helen Parkways. You travel ahead, looking better just before the 1 38 freeway muscle seeing some heavy traffic right now, as you make your way out of downtown l A with this is out of Echo Park North bound side of the window one Floating around Alvarado Street, and that looks much better. Once you make your way, Passover like boulevard sponsored by Compassion, International KF Eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. We're all feeling the weight of Kobe 19. But for kids in poverty around the world, things are becoming desperate. Join compassion International provide

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