You can still get the oxygen you need.


And somebody says, Hey, you should have a mask on and they lose their mind. There's videos that I can't show you here, but there's some great ones of people and what they do is they say that There's things you can buy online that can check the oxygen and Heather told me the actual name of it. I'll look it up as I speak to you, but you could put it on your finger. And it tells you what the oxygen is in your blood right? The percentage of oxygen for example, when I use mind, says 96% so and that's 96 97%. It can go up to 100 it could be down even in lower were Heather. Just it's called a pulse. Ox oximeter oximeter Pulse oximeter. Okay, Thank you, Heather. And so what This does is it allows you to to measure that so people are putting mask on this one woman says. I've asthma, and I've no reason to believe she doesn't that she doesn't want to medications that she mentions of medications. She puts a mass on and you know the time lapse. It's like 10 15 minutes and her oxygen right near blood didn't go down. She progressively puts more intrusive masks on and to show you You can still get the oxygen you need. So when I see these Karen's, you know, screaming and whole food to screaming at people, But you're still my rights and of a right ever right now, it's just what you got to be like that. What do you be such an ass? Why can't you just wear a mask again if 95% of us were masks and practice social distancing? We could get through this virus we could actually do like, Trump said. We're going to trip the brothers. The Chinese dividers. Tennessee College, the the The artificial work of the artificial enemy, invisible enemy. So but anyway, so this is where we are and wait where we find ourselves in a situation now where everything's got so tense that you got people like that couple in Missouri and on the front lawn. With an AR 15 and and a handgun as people walk down the street. Ah, what do you do? How did we get to this point? Or maybe we've always been at this point, and Trump is not the cancer that Trump Is the tumor and we are the cancer. Um Chris wrote me. I freaking hate mask Still wear one when I'm around people, though, haven't found a smoker's mass, though. Handling firearms and emergency situations. My preferred approach. Stay the eff away from them in the first place on that note. Thank you, Chris. I agree with you. I grew up with guns. And I'm gonna tell you this. If you think you know how to handle a gun in a high stress situation where your life is in danger Year high. You don't unless you're no practiced of veteran of law enforcement. But there's you know, I found this site. They sent me this email and it's ah ya us concealed online dot com And this guy, Randy, it does his video and he he speaks to you. I know the founding fathers of our great nation believe every law

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