Carl Reiner passed away. I'm sure you've heard


But we lost a. We lost a comedy giant. Today. Carl Reiner passed away. I'm sure you've heard He's a comedy legend. He created the Dick Van Dyke Show. He was 98. A nice, long run but still We lost a legend. So Dan's going toe just jump in here and talk a little bit about his career. Dan Ah, Carl Reiner, the writer, producer, director and actor who was part of Sid Caesar's legendary team and went on to create the Dick Van Dyke Show on direct several hit films. Passed away. He was 98. He died of natural causes on Monday night at his home in Beverly Hills. His assistant confirmed to Variety. Reiner, father of filmmaker and activist Rob Reiner, and the winner of nine Emmy awards, including five for The Dick Van Dyke Show. His most popular films of director included. Oh, God. During George Burns in 1977. The jerk with Steve Martin In 79. All of me with Steve Martin Lily's Hamlin, 1984 he directed, he directed like six Steve Martin movies. Reiner remained in the public eye well into his eighties and nineties with roles in the popular Ocean's 11 trio of films. And on TV with recurring roles and sitcoms like 2.5 Men and Hot in Cleveland. He also did voice work for family Guy American Dad, King of the Hill on Bob's Burgers. Reiner first came to prominence as a regular cast member of Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, for which he won two Emmys 1956 57 in the supporting category. He met Mel Brooks during this time with Caesar. The two went on to have a long running friendship and comedy partnership with the recurring 2000 year old man sketches, which were just Brilliant and we're fully improvised. Before creating the CBS hit The Dick Van Dyke Show on which he appeared a sometimes appeared Reiner and show of shows. Writer Mel Brooks worked up an elongated skin, which Reiner played

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