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#B164 (blacktop to blade)


Hello word welcome to the dictionary. This is my podcast where I read the dictionary. Feel free to rate and review on the various platform that black forms that you are all listening to it helps get this more exposure and this the you know I think that people need to hear this because there's a lot of words that people probably need to learn about. Like me! Okay, this first word is blacktop. One word now from nineteen thirty one, a tumulus material used especially for surfacing roads, also a surface paved with blacktop and blacktop is also a transitive verb. Next. We have black wall hitch. The be in black wall is capitalized. This is a noun from circa eighteen, sixty, two, a hitch, not for securing A to a hook, and then see the not illustration. I feel like I need to learn more nuts. I only know like to I think. This is from black wall, a shipyard in London England. Next is black walnut. Two Words Noun from sixteen twelve, a Walnut Walnut of eastern new America with hard, strong, heavy, dark, Brown, would and oily edible nuts. Also, it's wood or the nut, and then the scientific name is Jug Lynn's Niigara. Next is black water one word Noun from eighteen, hundred, any of several diseases as blackwater fever, characterized by dark, colored urine Oh, that does not sound appealing. Next is blackwater fever now from eighteen eighty four, a febrile complication of repeated malarial attacks that has characterized especially by extensive kidney, damage and urine discolored. From blood, hime comes from blood. That is sounds terrible and I hope. I never have blackwater fever. Next is black widow. Two words Noun from nineteen, fifteen, a venomous new world spider, the female of which is black with an hourglass, shaped red mark on the underside of the abdomen. Couple of things on the underside of the abdomen. I thought it was on the top, but maybe I don't know. Also. It's such an interesting spot. I'm so curious to know why. Evolution narrowly that spot came to be. What was the reason for the? It's because it does really does look like an hourglass I don't know. Maybe I'll have to look into that. Oh No, the book is closing on me Yeah, that's A. It's an interesting visual. That I'm curious to know why why it is the way it is. The scientific name is electro, Dentis, mock tontons or Mack Matt Tans something like that. Next is Blackwood one word Noun from sixteen, Thirty, one any of several hardwood trees. Some examples there or they're dark, colored wood. The examples are Shia. Mel Mellon Nick Salon. And also del Burr Ghia. latiff fully are, and those are the of the Legume family. Next is all right that was the last of the words that start with the word black Now we have the word Bladder Noun from before the twelfth century, one a a membranous sex in animals that serves as the receptacle of a liquid or contains guests, especially the synonym year, Inari bladder. Number of what are we on one be? We have the to be definition for the word cyst. To something as the rubber bag inside a football resembling a bladder bladder lake is an adjective. I WANNA instead of bladder like I think it should be blackberry. Just just throw away at the end. let's see this is from middle English from old English bladder. Kin to the old high. German Blah Tara, which means bladder from the old English Blau on which means to blow because you can blow into it and make the bladder expand, or whatever so that is that for bladder now we have bladder campy on. Two words it down from seventeen, eighty, three and old world can't be on with an inflated. Calix introduced into temperate North America I'm not sure what it. is but the scientific name. Is Selena vulgarity. Or Selena Kuku Balas. Kuku. One of those. I don't know where the emphasis goes. I'm going to have to look up what what they can't be. An is or a Calix or a yeah. Next is bladder, not one word Noun from fifteen, seventy, eight, any genus of ornamental shrubs or small trees with panicles of small white flowers followed by inflated capsules, also one of the capsules. I don't know I just like to say capsules that way. This let's see. The genus name is Steph Ilya of the Family Staff Ilias I. That is the bladder, not family. Now, we have bladder worm, two words, Noun from eighteen, fifty, eight, a bladder like larval tapeworm as a sister. What is cystitis? CYSTIC Ursus. That's that's. That's a tapeworm. C., Y., S., T., I, C., E. R., C. U. S.. CYSTITIS Ursus. Are Right next is bladder wart. One Word is spelled W. O. RT Noun from circa eighteen, fifteen any of the genus. Of chiefly aquatic plants with leaves, usually having insect trapping bladders. The genus is ultra cool. Aria of the family lente Boola Resi I. That is the Bladder Warfield way so there are two. Oh, that's the bladder wart family, and then previously we had staff at us. Yeah, and that's the bladder nut family. Who knew that there were all these words that started with bladder are the last word that starts with bladder. Is Bladder Wrack? Two words rack is W. R. A. C. K. Noun from eighteen, ten, a common rock we'd used in preparing Kelp. And as a manure, and the scientific name is foucus. VESIC! I am learning so many new things in the world. Right now we have the last word for this episode. It is Blade B. L.. A. D. E. and it will go slightly to the top of the next page, which is one thirty a rate blade. It is a noun from before the twelfth century. Oh when I should say it's the first form one A. we have the one a one definition for the word leaf. especially the leaf of an herb or grass. Like aggress one be the flat expanded part of leaf as distinguished from the PTO still need to learn what a PT! All is number to something resembling the blade of leaf, as to a the broad flattened part of an or or paddle. To be an arm of a screw, propeller, electric fan or steam turbine? To see the broad flat or concave part of a machine as a bulldozer or snowplow that comes into contact with the material to be moved. To d. a broad flat body part specifically we have these synonym Scapula that is your shoulder blade, and then it says used chiefly in naming cuts of meat. Next is to e the flat portion of the tongue immediately behind the tip, also this portion together with the tip of the tongue. Next we have three, a the cutting part of an in page flip of an implement. Next is three be one synonym is sword three be two synonym is swordsman, and then three be three a dashing lively man. And then one more three see the runner of an ice skate. Blade like is an adjective again. I think we should just call it lady. A rate, what is the word of the episode Let's see I will pick black widow as the word of the episode, because those are cool spiders I think in that movie James and the giant Peach there was a black widow spider or some sort of spider. And the the animation in that movie was very cool especially for back at that time.

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