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News I'm Tim McCoy, Dr. Anthony


News I'm Tim McCoy, Dr. Anthony Fauci is growing increasingly concerned about sharp increases in Corona virus cases in the West and south. We're going to continue to be in a lot of trouble, and there's going to be a lot of hurt. If that does not stop, Foxy says the daily average in cases of our 40,000 could balloon to 100,000 day. If people don't heed precautions, Joe Biden hammers President Trump's handling of the pandemic. It didn't have to be this way. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Saysthe lockdowns, were intended to help the nation cut the virus threat. Instead, Biden says, it's getting worse. Donald Trump failed at a campaign stop in his Delaware hometown, Biden says the president continues dividing the nation half worry mask. Half rejecting science we can't continue. Biden says he'd lay out a national strategy for fighting the virus. Not a piecemeal approach, he says simply is not working. SOCCER Megane Washington Fulton County Judge Jane Barwick Grant's former Atlanta police officer, Garrett Ralph Bond after he was jailed on charges of killing 27 year old Ray Shard Brooks. Somebody checked my math. I think that all adds up to 1/2 a $1,000,000. Ralph will have to wear an ankle monitor, comply with the curfew, surrender his passport and not possess any guns or have any contact with victims, witnesses or police. Veteran Tulsa, Oklahoma Police sergeant is dead after he and a fellow officer was shot during a traffic stop yesterday morning, Chief Wendell Franklin says Sergeant Craig Johnson gave his life for the people of the city. His sacrifice

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