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Mark Ellis, Cardinals And Dodgers discussed on Overnight America with Ryan Wrecker


Pecked cigarettes. They say zeros you have put in to wild pitches for secret. So 1/3 of an inning in two wild pitches his life. He got me out. He got Thea. That's what counts. Leaving photo of third base and the Dodgers have stranded six runners. The pitch right down the middle strike. One on the job was with the Dodgers part of the season last year. Sign on with the Cardinals this past offseason. More. He's been some pick up hasn't he? Sure has. Put together quite a season were in the 8th 1 Nothing cardinals. The pitch swinging a foul off the end of the bat that goes back to the screen. Thanks to Michael Delpierre sentence of goodies last night and paid off anything. There wasn't much left. I couldn't tell you that. Thanks, Michael. I want to hear on Crawford. Code is pitching in his third game this postseason. One inning of work and zeros proffered Ellis and Gonzalez. The pitches swing and it's popped up. Well territory to scowls on the track by the down dog makes the cats over there by the camera Well, gets his first man, Mark Ellis, right handed batting second baseman and Mike Matheny is going to the bullpen. This postseason. Carlos Martinez is on one of those six p R A to walk, two strikeouts. Three innings of work will pitch to Ellis, right hander facing right hander Menace is warming in the bullpen again for the Cardinals backing up Carlos

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