He has written an op ed piece in today's Washington Post and joins us now with KCBS Ring Central News line,


Have brought it to the attention of the president in order to make sure That action was taken to protect the lives of our sons and daughters. Much has been made in recent years about the unconventional relationship between Mr Trump and Vladimir Putin. Do you believe that that factors into this particular issue that we're talking about today? Well, I think what what bothers me is that Putin obviously reads weakness on the part of the United States. That's why he's taken advantage of our country. That's why you went into the Crimea. Why you went into the Ukraine? Why you went into Syria why he's conducting. Cyber interference in our election process and why he's he's bold enough to place bounties on the heads of our men and women in uniform. He sees the United States Ah as weak, not willing to respond. To Ah, Russian aggression. And so he's going to take advantage of it, and I think That because Russia is an adversary. Is trying to destabilize our country. That this president ought to be speaking out. Uh, directly to Putin, frankly, to make clear that the United States is not going to tolerate what they're doing. It is something that the president has been reluctant to do thus far. Well, that concerns me because I think You know, as a CZ, president of United States. Your primary responsibility is to protect the national security of the country. And if there's a country like Russia That is

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