It's good. We're finally starting to improve after a pretty hectic afternoon.


Of you out and about commuting, which is a good thing, but not so good for traffic is OK. Kennedy out Clear Monster heavy from Armitage, about 27 to get downtown from well. Hair 17. Coming in from the evening. Snow Alpine Eisenhower worries now inbound slow past 25th to display NHS 33 minutes to get downtown from 3 90 20 coming in from Mannheim. Stevenson's good up on Ryan. I'll take 18 and about this 15 different crash on the upper side of 57 though this was in the left lane and holstered, so it's 20 minutes to get to 80 improving north bound after nearly a crash at Balmer album before takes 18 about this 15 south on Lakeshore Drive Busy is around the Oak Street curve. Earthbound. So as you approach the Chicago River, you lose the two right lanes over the river Bridge. Scheduled roadwork scheduled until July 2nd South Bond. Tri State. Still a mess has been for the past three hours from the Stevenson now 95th rolled over box truck that cleanups ongoing. So is the investigation. So the two right lanes are blocked north pounds. All right, the rest of your tollways. Checking in just fine. No eastbound 80 still heavy Harlem to 57 but

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