Ep. 3,065: UFC on ESPN 12 recap, Hooker Vs Poirier breakdown, more - burst 05


So I think one of them was Christine Aguilera actually think I'm pretty sure and I don't know who the other one was, so that wasn't too bad, but I didn't want to say like Conrad. or or something? You didn't remember and had blank. Look on your face. I would do this to you. That's that's Christina Wheeler and hope that you. Know well, because it's so close that I imagine she did something like that. The only thing I can think of. By this? November something what he was doing. But I I would say. Put Your Hands Together for my man right here the big winner. Yeah I. Don't know. This was a genie in a bottle right? Isn't that what she's trying to Oh a she? She's

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