Zuora and Integrate

Zero to IPO


Well today we have teams O on the show and teen is the CEO of Zora, and amongst many accomplishments is one of the most noted people on the idea of the subscription economy. Zora is the leading way for companies to launch and manage subscription services. He is a noted expert on this, but he's also the eleventh employees at salesforce going way back way before. He's the best selling author on the subscription economy. Let's be really clear about that. Yup One hundred percent totally clear. What am I? I thought I was like. Wait a second team. You're the eleventh employees at salesforce. You're the first CMO salesforce. Why aren't you on a beach somewhere? Why even working in? Was Wrong with you. Why are you on our podcast? There's a lot more to do. There's a lot more do a lot more technology to build in this lot more things. We want to do in the world, so we're busy. We're GONNA. Get into all that we want to pick your brain. We WanNA learn as much as we can from you to let me introduce our other guests Jeremy, bloom is our first Olympian on the show Freddie, and as if that wasn't enough has also played in. In the NFL was drafted initially by the eagles, and then played for the steelers as well most notably, you're the CEO and founder of integrate which is a company that helps other companies automate demand marketing, and for our listeners today we're going to be talking about a stage of growth about a set of problems and challenges that occur not in the early days, because Jeremy and integrator beyond the early days they've raised a significant amount of capital and so I think the question on the table is. How do you grow at a high cadence after you've made it through the initial stages of raising money, it's been a journey were somewhat described as an overnight success ten years later. It's taken us a while to to get where where we are phase of the company. We're about three hundred people. Our mission is is to move everything into a central database in the cloud so that we can make more informed decisions on where we should be spending their marketing dollars to create revenue. Let's get into the meat here. In the last twenty four months, integrate has tripled in size as we all know, we are in a moment of real turmoil and market instability teen. You're at salesforce. Eight your leading Zora through the current turmoil. What kind of lessons can we gain? How aggressive or defensive should we be in moments market instability as we actually started the end of two thousand and seven, and so we lived through the two thousand and eight crisis, where the prevailing wisdom was, there was never gonNa to be any cash. Will you like it's over? It's over or were you? What was your mindset well? We didn't plan to start to. China recession the economy is starting to look really really good and We got a little lucky right. A little luck always helps along the way. We closed our series B. in the summer of Oh eight. And I think we had signed the term sheet. And then Lehman Brothers collapsed. And Economy starts shutting down a little worried for awhile. We actually wouldn't get the cash. I don't think we cut anybody, but we really spent about saying. How can we use resources? We have the people we have, and they just focus focus really on customers really needed what we were doing. Focus really on on making sure we service them well. Making sure that we we were spending. are are the most valuable things, and we continue to acquire customers you know, prove ourselves. be smart about our cash. Which is Kinda Nice actually? All the time when when things are actually going crazy around us, especially the Tech Company, there's such a big push to hire to grow, and so moments like these where the pressure is off right now really allows you to kind of reflect and build build quality systems right in foundation for how you want to operate their last year's Jeremiah question for you in your mind right now. Are You thinking offensively or defensively? We're we're really thinking offensively were we're grateful to serve the enterprise right? So when you look at our customer base, it's salesforce. It's Microsoft. These are big companies right so they're going to make it through. We're well capitalized able to make some rnd bets through this downturn. We're also able to continue marketing, and maybe even marketing. Even harder, but differently, so I think a lot of reinvention is going to happen. Re architect. Thing is going to happen. It's pretty staggering. You know the amount of innovation and change. That's happening right now and sometimes. We can't see it

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