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COVID -19 Travel News: June 30


Fair enough sense. What's traveled US though to kick things off? Europe will soon officially opened to visitors, but not everyone is welcome if you're from America, Brazil or Russia. Thanks for coming. Coming. Those countries filed the inclusion. Criteria taste given the high number of coronavirus cases back home bit the. If you're from Australia Canada Japan and this ten other countries as well, we'll this those nights for you. You are free to visit. Look. We gotTa between back grace with Verner later in the broadcast, but Russian and Ukrainian doctors currently on the frontline fighting against covid. We'll get free holidays to Greece. Yeah, it's almost being. The company behind the initiative says the doctors will be able to relax and share their stories with great colleagues. In the last aside, we showed you a new design for cabin cabin, sating on aircraft I was up for that all that bit of a bunk bed. That's. Well in this episode Airbus has unveiled a futuristic plane designed that it says could cut fuel consumption by twenty percent that gets rid of that buddy. Climate Change. Greatly, they doesn't. Well, guys, long white water, the does okay and last month. The planemaker completed a pilotless takeoff for the first time. I'm not sure about that, won't. Anyway we'll put the details each other and I. Think I want be I'm hands on the on the wheel when that's. Happening what did I say? It's not knob sent boredom and percents, sheer terra, and that's the takeoff and landing. Is that what they say, I haven't heard that, but they use recognition technology in the video. You actually say the pilot with his hands on his knees. Na Na and Mike would exist. So, as he said, we'll have all those details in show nights. Jesse new gotten has a passion for affordable travel. Who doesn't so so much? Sorry? He quickly became known amongst friends and family as I, Flight Guru, and he ran with it. He started saying out an e newsletter to people with the lightest like deals, and the dull flat club was bone. Yes so. You're three or four years ago. I had always been the person. That my friends and family would ask about you know finding flight deals or a word about the best deals because that's really what I did. I've been a traveling offer. As long as I can remember. It's always been a passion of mine. And, everyone started reaching out to me. You know asking me about trips about where I got. Those deals so what I decided to do was a star newsletter. And, start e mailing them out those deals to all my friends and family I'm and that's really the way that dollar flight club was born and the way it works. Is You tell us where you live? So you can say live in La or I. Live in Sydney, and our team is going to go out and find the best flight deals internationally and domestic at home airport. To destinations across the globe Um that are up to ninety percent of the standard fare. just few jams. I guess I'll stop my head. You know some of the best deals we've found. ARE FROM LA and. Houston to Sydney, Melbourne, for four hundred fifteen US dollars round trip is one of the best we've done recently. which you know, I mean those fares are usually fifteen hundred dollars on at least. Get them shape will find them so shape. Yeah, so it's a combination of things. I think the main thing, is it? We just have a big team of a deal experts that know where to look where to search what routes to focus on, and then we also use data that comes in from different partners. That helps us locate these deals, so it's a little bit of supply and demand. Knowing where to look. And then also mean you've heard of the term mistake fare. Airlines. Just make a mistake. They forget to put the last digit on the fair. And we're able to find those and send them out to our members. We have roughly one million members of the across the globe, so you mentioned supply and demand. This isn't a great time. Is it and can I just start off by asking you? You said you passionate about travel. Obviously, we're all grounded at the moment how you feeling. Not Great. I was actually travelling. I was traveling full-time from last August. and. You had a big year of going Oliver Europe Australia South Africa, where I was GONNA work remotely. And just you know CD's new places, and you know we're not able to do that anymore. But? You know we're chided for for when it's safe to venture out again which I'm sure you are as well. Yes, I am and I would love to night from you. With the future of the airline industry will look like Yes oh I mean there's there's a lot of different things that we can expect to see but I guess you know the first thing that everyone talks about as interesting. As what is it going to do to airfare prices? And, how is this? Going to impact that you're in the near term and long term and you know we did. A report we did a study. At What happened after nine eleven? What happened after the great recession? where? There is a massive impact of the travel industry knew what we found is what we're going to see is roughly a thirty five percent decrease in airfare prices. Over the. Year of twenty twenty two this year, and then as travel rebounds over the next three or four years. We're GONNA. See prices increase above twenty nineteen levels roughly twenty seven percent, so for the short term. We're GONNA. See much much lower prices than a long-term term. We're going to see those prices get much more expensive than they were before the pandemic. Well, it makes sense because there is no point having a flight that super expensive in. We've got no money you buy the ticket with. US lost jobs or income, all been head hours reduced side that some that makes total sense, and that's based on research You know we have a massive database. Of Airline routes and prices. And that we took all of that and analyze that data and look back at data from your the past twenty years to kind of predict what's going to happen now and we're seeing that happened at the moment I mean. You know the deals that we send out to our members I would. I'll just talk about from the US. For example you know we're currently seeing flights from the US to Europe. For Two hundred or three hundred dollars round trip. Which? Is Very very cheap and we're seeing that across across the board. That's the future the airline industry. How do you think that leisure travel will be different? Yes, so? Leisure travel I, think in the near term until there's a vaccine available, i. think it can be very different from the time that you get to the airport. You know from the time that you're spending. In that destination I think at the airport is GonNa take much longer. It's GonNa be much more of a hassle to get through security to make sure you have all your documents in place boarding process. But I think we'll see you know in terms of when you're on that trip. I think we'll see people. I don't think we'll see those those euro trips as much where you're hopping from city to city, you know you do like ten destinations in a few weeks I think it'll be more longer. Term trips in one place and I think a lot more solo trips and an outdoor adventure trips. That will see you know people staying away from those crowded. Crowded places I'm hearing that, too. Also. We're being told that business travel will bounce back I followed by luxury travel. Miss your knowledge. Would you agree with that? Yeah, definitely I'm not sure if you you saw this, but the first European country that I think's GonNa. Open up to travel The summer is going to be Greece other slated to open up orders. For International Travelers on July first. which no one else has done and what they sadden what they're. Saying. Is that the first batch of people that show up? There are going to be people who are doing exclusive luxury trips you know more catered to them less people, and that's what we're seeing. So I think that's true. What about you days? Not your words, but you going crazy, not big on travel. What's the first place that you WANNA visit number? One for me is Greece and number two is Australia. Those are the two places that are next on the list. We had those for the for the summer, but.

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