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Today's quote is from Hitman. John Jairo Popeye Velazquez of the medicine drug cartel the less was Pablo Escobar's right hand. Man throughout the s until his arrest in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine upon his release. Velazquez started a new life. Leveraging his notoriety into a Popular Channel Book Deals and film roles in the two thousand seventeen interview. Velazquez defended his past life as a criminal saying with the politicians. We have in Columbia. Being abandoned is an honor. Velazquez delivered this incisive quote. Only a few years ago but the government corruption. He alludes to has a very long history one that is deeply entwined with the rise of the cartels in the Mid Nineteen Ninety s Columbia's then presidential candidate a Nesto. Some pair was accused of accepting six million dollars from a drug cartel though. Some pet narrowly won election and survive to impeachment proceedings. These signaled the corruption had reached the very highest levels of the Colombian government. It didn't end there in the two thousand six para political scandal. Five congressmen were arrested for collaborating with a paramilitary group that was responsible for killing thousands of Colombians civilians and as recently as two thousand eleven. Thirteen members of Columbia's Tax Authority were arrested for embezzling millions of dollars from the country's taxpayers. Over the US. This level of rampant corruption has undermined public faith in the Colombian government and election process within this context. One can see how Velazquez mine ocoee that compared to these politicians being abandoned is an honor however it must be pointed out that Popeye Alaska's was much more than just a bandit. He was a ruthless and prolific assassin. Beliefs Kaz began working for notorious drug lord. Pablo Escobar at the tender age of seventeen before joining the cartel. He had tried out the navy where he got the nickname Popeye for his strength and prominent jaw but Velazquez quickly left the service in search of a more thrilling line of work becoming Pablo. Escobar's enforcer was much more in line. With what Young Velasquez was looking for. He took to the bloody work with. Gusto over the course of his criminal career Velazquez claim to have personally murdered more than three hundred people as well as participating in the killings of thousands more in the midst of escalating violence Velazquez masterminded the deployment of upwards of two hundred car bombs against rival druglords and government officials and in Nineteen eighty-nine ve Alaska's targeted a Colombian presidential candidate by planting a suitcase bomb on a plane. Which killed all one hundred seven people aboard as well as three more on the ground he later described this mass murderer as a work of art. Even rampant government corruption begins to Pale in comparison to the level of Violence Velazquez. Took pleasure in meeting out. Presumably Popeye would have happily continued on as a hitman indefinitely but his exploits eventually caught up with him. In nineteen eighty. Nine Velasquez was sentenced to thirty years in prison for drug terrorism and the murder of a Colombian presidential candidate. He only served twenty two years before his release in two thousand fourteen with prison behind him. Velazquez publicly renounced his old ways and embarked on a new career as a kind of pundit and public figure he launched a youtube channel called Popeye Arab Pentito or remorseful Popeye in which he held court on various political issues affecting Columbia. The channel quickly racked up more than one point two million subscribers and Alaska's parlayed the online popularity into to book deals and a movie about his life which he directed and starred in Popeye also gave private tours of medicine highlighting the sites of cartel escapades though. Velazquez claimed to repent for his sins often and loudly. There is some evidence to suggest that his apology tour was more about attention and notoriety ben contrition in some videos. Popeye posted. He visited the graves of people he murdered and described in vivid detail. Exactly how he killed them. Perhaps as a way to relive his glory days also Velazquez reacted poorly when people didn't accept his apology for example when the son of a man who died in that plane bombing refused to forgive him. Popeye called him a bad man with an evil heart ultimately. There's no way to know pies true motivations but whatever Velasquez was he could certainly turn of phrase for example. Popeye once said it is better to die of a bullet than of a disease in bed. Ironically in February twenty twenty Alaska's passed away at age fifty seven from stomach cancer. It seems death is the great

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