Craig Tiley - Australian Open Tournament Director and Tennis Australia CEO


Welcomed episode forty eight of the functional tennis podcast. This week we have the great pleasure of speaking to Craig tightly. Ceo of tennis. Australia and director of the Aussie Open. Craig tells us all about his coaching success in college tennis in the states and then move and Australia to work for tennis Australia and the different jobs. He's done there. We also talk about the challenges of the current Cova situation on looking at Grand Slams and the Aussie Open in twenty twenty one. He tells us the first time you met Roger Federer and we've to gray questions sent into a spire instagram fons. It's a great episode. Hope you enjoyed before we get started. Make sure to go over to our new. Instagram account called functional tennis podcast. And give us a follow shed into a podcast sponsors head. I've been using head rackets and says a kid I I had Agassi's ownby racket. Which absolutely loved. I've been using heads on and off really ever. Since but mainly used the radical tried to use the prestige. But I find a wasn't really couldn't always struggle on the double handed pack and with it the radical for me less a bit more room for errands bit more stable for me. So thank you guys. Okay let's talk the Craig. Hi Craig how are you good? Thanks for talking to you from the other side of the world. I. It's amazing top. You're on board. It's really big privilege. Heavy speaking here on. Yes well thank you very much couch to find that Albert. How you became the talk. Mind an tennis Australia and wound most of man in tennis anytime you speak to tennis player. They rave about what you've still not the OSCE open so can't wait to hear Beth dot before we get started. Let's talk a little bit about your early tennis career. I know you're very successful coach in the states head. Did you get involved agenda in the states or let me start out by saying it's always difficult to talk about these things in the context of the of the current climate that we ran and And having to isolate and Dual of things that we need to do to protect health system so so I apologize to beat but late to the call because as you would not which is handled. I in front of the screen on video conferences. But it's all good but Allsteel question out against the US. I was a young kid loved the game and I started later when he starred thirteen four. She was considered extremely nights. And I. I had aspirations to be a a great to be a tennis player and I loved it. I love training playing and was never realized that call and was fortunate. Enough to grow rails. That early enough This trying to make it through the twenties thirties. So one-sided centerstage Katie Myself and finished from military service on the obligations. I had to do in South Africa. Right got on the plane and went to Europe the tennis there and then an answer. GonNa go to the US and get an education. And I went with plans to stay four years and ended up staying for Dean so I think that's kind of be my modus operandi. Chris time they happened will strata was Kinda come for a few years. I being sixteen says I'm getting constant and helping and really enjoying you're making a statement wherever you go on your coach so you end up your coach successful coach at Illinois Your Coach Year Multiple Times. How did you move into coach? Well I think You when you have love the game. I'm made people in this report cost wooden and These many different career opportunities. You haven't you can be administering coaching and playing and officiating at it is. And it's such a global sports go to common language as the lines of the ten school. The highest the net that determine that commonality around the world his great battle. I did match my my love of the game with my desire to help people and those two things came. Together and I agree deal of personal fulfillment and professional satisfaction out of helping other than using vehicle for that. And when you love what you do You willing to constantly always improve and in the lookout for ways to get better and learn from others and and And I look back in hindsight down I think on on reflection and I think that because two things the desire to help people and the love of the game I was able to learn a lot and And we spoke to their slam today and I think that is one of the one of the most of being able to be lucky. Enough have had some success so the coaching side. I loved and I always did enjoyed like challenging the status quo and I enjoyed being told that things wouldn't happen. And when you star they wanted to physicist coaches ahead who was the famous Stuart Doyle from From the University of Arkansas was great to have stood for the team. We started the success and a period of thirteen years. We took a college program from no age of the best in the country for quite a few years and ended up having some many players that went on really well. Kevin Anderson from South Africa was one of the top five in the world recently. And so we've had. It's it's been divorced. Plays that success in fun to watch. The Program says the success that it did but it was. Secret is wakeup rewarding. Do the best you can do. People will treat them how you wanted to be treated because you always going to be decided runaway do on the way down and just look as hard as you can see because look for improved. Button could come. It's a long journey on a short June. I completely agree with you. The daily grind getting open put into hard work. But just getting back to you mentioned dodd. Some listeners here. We solicit snarled and they all know stuey dial of his great tennis abilities. What was he liked back in the day? All should say knows to you'll identify sanity mall. One thing that he did teach the ethics I'll never forget it. It's still resonates with me as what it takes to win a points and what it takes to be good and amount of effort and pain in the work. You've got to go through to do that and His attitude is competitive attitude on On improvement rubbed off. Funny Everyone Cussin' that's why everyone loved because by him and always say you is one of the few met. That's would be willing to go through the same pain himself To prove the others what it is versus telling you what to do.

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