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When ventilators break, iFixit can help


Hospitals ventilators dialysis machines and mechanical beds are more important than ever. Sometimes of course that equipment breaks down and some manufacturers restrict access to repair information or require that equipment be fixed by authorized technicians. Meaning that biomedical technicians working in hospitals. Can't just fix things themselves this week. Diy and repair site. I fix it published a giant database of medical equipment repair manuals to help address. That problem Kyle Wiens is CEO of. I fix it and has been leading the project. This is part of the broader trend in products for manufacturers have been locking down repairs. Apple doesn't want you to fix your iphone and medtronic doesn't want hospitals to fix their equipment. They would prefer them beyond service contracts and pay very expensive rates but the hospitals have highly qualified highly trained by medical technicians. Already on site that can do the work But you have this. Trend toward more lockdown systems manufacturers have been taking freedom away from hospitals. Is there any benefit to you? Fix It to do this. Just out of curiosity. You're not charging hospitals for access to this. We have no business while for this. This is this is maybe one of the stupidest business ideas I've ever had. We're not running advertising. We're paying for everything out of pocket. I took close to half of my team off of the normal work for the last couple of months to do. This has been an absolutely huge project larger than I think anyone manufacturer because they've done we have information on thousands of devices from hundreds of manufacturers all in one place and the biomed. Tell me that that's what they really need. They need a central easy to search repository. Not only are you not monitoring? Is there a chance that you will get some kind of trouble or get sued over this? I mean considering like you said these expensive service contracts that manufacturers would prefer to be selling. There's a there's a tension where manufacturers don't want to share the service information because it will enable competition and to that extent we are enabling that competition But I would hope the manufacturers see this as a service that we are providing we're better at hosting in sharing collaborative service information than a medical device manufacturer is so let us do what we do. Well and let them focus on on their work. Do the manufacturers have a point like they spend years of research and millions of dollars on these devices? Do they have a right to protect that intellectual property? Well we're not talking about just anyone fixing these. We're talking about bio medical technicians. The already doing this maintenance already doing this work. I if you talk with hospitals and you see what's happening day to day it can be life or death whether they can fix a machine fast. If you have a ventilator go down you have the option to mail it into a manufacturer for service. You have to fix that machine that day. This is really more about power dynamics and about trying to do is squeeze every last dime that they cannot have the hospitals by pushing them into expensive service contracts when the hospital is really are perfectly capable of doing that work themselves. The database went up earlier this week. How is demand so far? We're seeing really good reaction from from biomed technicians not just in the US around the world. I got a message today from technician in Uganda this hill. Thank you so much. This is going to be really helpful. So we're excited that this is going to be a resource that will be used for a long time to come separate for medical equipment. I see people doing projects all the time of various types. I wonder what sort of traffic you've been seeing on the site since people started quarantining. The traffic to self repair guides on the Internet is dramatically. Up during the quarantine. People are at home board. They're fixing things all things around your house on the honeydew list. They are getting done. Our fastest growing repair right. Now is the Nintendo switch. Nintendo's repair centers are shut down. There's a common problem with the left joy. Con The left joystick where it starts to drift. And it's very infuriating is you're playing games and there's a really really simple fix for it. So nintendo switch any other device repair manuals that are especially popular. We're seeing laptops across the board. All of a sudden every schoolchild needs a computer and that wasn't the case. I don't think six months ago we'd say oh. I need to get a laptop for my kid. Well maybe that's a very lucky kid back then. Now it's an absolute necessity. Every kid needs a needs a laptop. Doing school from home on the phone is not fun. And so we're seeing old laptops. Being pulled out of the jurors people are upgrading them with SST RAM to make them a little bit faster. And that's Great Kyle. Williams is the CEO of the repair. Site I fix it

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