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Trump fires four inspectors general in two months - burst 02


President who brags you learned a lot from Richard. Nixon is systematically dismantling the safeguards put in place after Watergate and the stealth fail out big oil is benefiting from the Treasury's massive rescue fund. And what is being done about oversight? All it starts right now. Good evening from New York. I'm Chris Hayes. Corona virus pandemic is long with climate. Change inescapably global challenge right. I mean we've already seen in the months of this. How little the virus cares about things like borders. How it's altered daily life around the globe developed and developing countries alike the global south across north any solution to the virus. The problems caused by the virus. We'll also have to be global vaccination treatment best practices all that today. We learned president. Donald Trump declined an invitation to address the World Health Organization. While China's President Xi Jinping accepted joining other world leaders like Germany's Germany's Angela. Merkel and France's Emmanuel macron. I mean every world leader is facing some variation of the same challenge. And there's probably a lot to learn from the exchange between countries particularly countries like Germany to name just one example that has successfully contained the virus and minimize fatalities. But here's the thing. The president refuses the counsel and advice of his own government. Never mind other ones back. On April sixteenth. The trump administration released guidelines produced by the to reopen the economy in three phases. We keep going back to this document because it's the most often document in America. The president unveiled it. They posted them in the White House. Website they're still there you can go read them and they're they're they're sensible but president trump on patient and could not wait for states to meet his own guidelines the one that he introduced from his CD he started beating up on governors and berating them emerging states to Norton. The very first day tweeting about liberating this state in that and so on April twentieth. Georgia Governor Brian Coun- announced he was opening up the state starting with a central services which also to include massage studios and bowling alleys governor. Kemp was was out front. He branded himself as a first reopener. Not abiding by the guidelines but things have not gone great for him. I mean they haven't been catastrophic either so we should explain. I can't got hung out to dry because he thought he was listening to the president by opening early right. The president's tweeting liberated Michigan Liberty. Virginia and Brian. I'm with you Mago Maga. And then the president cuts them off at the knees a few days later saying he disagreed with cams decision

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