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Mom's Mental Health with Dr. Ream


I have Dr Ram here. And she's a licensed. Clinical psychologist with advanced training in perinatal mental health in May is mental health awareness. And I wanted to get a professional on here and I've been following her on instagram and she just puts out amazing content. So I'm so excited that you are here with me today. Joining Me Inc. You thank you so much for having me. Yeah I'm super excited. I'd love for you just to tell us a little bit about yourself. And what made you even get into this field? A great crush. I got that one a lot because know. What if you would've asked me the I've or ten years ago I would've thought no I will. I couldn't see myself doing this. Why would I be doing this? I am like you said a licensed clinical psychologist in. Kinda done a lot of different work in before I landed here. I was doing eating disorder recovery. Where am I was health psychologist working in healthcare system and My World Kinda shifted upside out. I guess you'd say first time I became pregnant so I have experienced a couple of miscarriages before I had my now son so ings started off really rocky for me so I had a lot of feelings come up. And throughout my pregnancy I was experiencing things. Id and then postpartum. I was just not feeling like myself so I didn't expect is really big emotions and I had really wanted this baby so bad and I thought how are you feeling all these feelings. I'm happy I want this. So that really kind of nudged me to look into perinatal mental health and it was crazy to me that I I went to Mike. I advanced training and speaker talking. Like oh my gosh. This is like this is what I've been going through. This is what's been happening so I really made a pivot in my life and I've never looked back. It's the greatest gift to be able to work with MOMS and to reassure them invalidate them and support them in their journey What's already true that moms make the world go round because you know if you're the weary like reproductively responsible for you know I mean you. Almost you just needed some sperm. You don't even necessarily need a man and you know we like the life givers of the world so they I mean women need that support absolutely so maps

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