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Trump Chooses Not To Wear Mask During Ford Tour - burst 5


Kong for US Ivan. What Are you hearing wolf? The latest salvo in the war of words between Washington and Beijing has the Chinese Foreign Ministry singling out secretary of State. Mike Pompeo calling him an extremely irresponsible politician for his criticism of the arrest last month of more than a dozen pro democracy activist here in Hong Kong and the trump recent announcement that it would make an arms sale to Taiwan China's saying that this is US interference in China's internal affairs and Foreign Ministry. Spokesperson has a direct question. Four POMPEO why the? Us government didn't take strong prevention. Measures Against Corona virus between the months of January and March POMPEO has a responsibility. Spokesperson says to explain that to the world both Ivan Watson reporting for US thank you. Brazil now ranks third globally for confirmed corona virus cases right behind the United States and Russia and new cases still are spiking nick. Payton Walsh found a cemetery outside some Paulo Wolf. You just have to look around me here. Outside of Sao Paulo in the hills. This is a series of freshly dug graves. Eight thousand have been here. Since the epidemic began and the number that are empty. And frankly the number. We've seen being filled just over there almost every ten minutes new food and just let you know how bad Brazilians thing. It may get here. In their biggest city they had an earlier record number of cases in Wednesday alone. Twenty thousand eight hundred eighty eight deaths in Brazil now accounts for about half of the cases in Latin America. Latin America is now worse in terms of new cases in the US and Europe. And many here blame the contradictory if not patently false advice. Brazilian President Bolsonaro. Who said to people?

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