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Keith, Rob And TUK TUK discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts


Did I write down Super Bowl? Like what does this mean to get soup? I guess so. Do I have to wash a super bowls? It's like what is happening. Josh Green says Keith so well from survivor extinction should get a tattoo of the words. Come on God on his forearm helping push through tough times that'd BE S. Remember when people were complaining about the end of last week's episode and then remember a year ago. We had an episode. Where Keith we didn't know of Keith? Went to the extinction and all we heard was an external shot of him saying God come on God a sodium easily little good moments like we are going to have a long off season. I think we gotta start like going through some of these. Mike I know absolutely and finally Pirker Schindler. Just ask the question. Can we convince rob get a Bell Tattoo? That is a great question. I'm willing to start a groundswell movement to get rob to get a Bell Tattoo. I think it only makes sense. It is his life after all. Let's see what do we need to do right because you they had to rate you know we had to raise. What twenty three thousand dollars so is it? Is it that? Is it related to that? Is it the signatures similar that they did to watch cath? You know. I don't know like what is the right way to make this happen? Or is it just people flooding rob with? Hey get a bell tattoo. Much like Jessica least. Yeah I mean it could be a thing. Now that the off seasons happening I feel like it could be like Roberts. The offseason get a tattoo like that. Logic doesn't work but if we it enough it's GonNa come into focus and it's going to become like a factually correct sti. Okay Yeah I can help it like you say like well. You know you feel like you're sort of like on a like the weekend right when it comes to survivor like it's the off season you can get a tattoo the off-season you drink to your heart's content. Like you'll yourself live life loose and fancy free and go get a belt that we're deep tattoo parlors fall under the Cova danger. Okay are not open. They are not open because I was supposed to get a tattoo like the week. This all happened. We could start in. March could advocate gestion super bowl. Alright soup is on the on the shortlist now Rebecca. So yeah no more questions of the week. The season is over over. I will say Leon was alluding to like. What the heck are we going to do? In this off season I will say we have been banding about some ideas with The aforementioned rob sister and you know and there may be a chance of some. Pnb stuff coming your way in the off season. I don't want to announce too much stuff yet. I I don't want to put the cart before the horse or the Keith. In front of the TUK TUK as it were but I'm hopeful that Leon and I will be back in your ear buds sooner rather than later with some BNB based up hopefully about survivor. But maybe about something entirely different. That's right ha you never know mystique.

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