Surging US virus cases raise fear that progress is slipping


Let's talk about alarming surges in corona virus cases across the United States yeah you know the U. S. south and the west raising fears that the outbreak is spiraling out of control and that hard won progress against the disease is slipping away because of resistance among many Americans to wearing a mask in keeping their distance from others confirming predictions of the easing of state walk downs over the past month and a half would lead to a comeback of the virus cases surpassed no that was cut off when we click on that cases surpassed a hundred thousand in Florida hospitalizations are rising dramatically in Houston and Georgia and stuff startling one in five of those tested in Arizona where Donald Trump is going to have a political rally are that one in five are proving to be infected over the weekend the virus seem to be everywhere at once several campaign staff members who helped set up president trump's rally in Tulsa tested positive as did twenty three Clemson University football players in South Carolina at least thirty members of the Louisiana State University team were isolated after becoming infected meat packing plants were also hit without breaks gene and I were talking before the show about the the women's soccer team that was I think it's for Landau Orlando pride they've withdrawn from the challenge Cup that happening here here in Utah because of numerous because really I think three players and four or five staff members of that team a Texas is among the number of states including Arizona Alabama Florida South Carolina whose governors have resisted statewide match requirements Utah we could put in with that as well it's not going well my friends it's not going well at all here in Utah Angela Dunn has urged governor Herbert to return coronavirus restrictions to the orange level statewide if Utah does not get down to an average of two hundred new cases per day by July first during the past week the state has averaged more than twice that many about four hundred and seventy new daily cases we're quickly getting to the point where the only viable option to manage spread and death will be a complete shutdown warns a memo from a doctor Angela Dunn the state epidemiologist the Utah department of health document which Dunn said was presented the leaders of the state's coronavirus response states that contact tracing and testing will not be enough to curb the rapid spread of covert nineteen the surge began twelve days after Herbert loosened restrictions by moving nearly all of the state to yellow or low risk status the memo notes on Monday the state reported four hundred and forty four new cases the twenty sixth day with more than two hundred cases this might be our last chance for course correction the

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