SnapBack Awards!!! Best Game, Champion and Rivalry of the Past Year, NCAAF Video Games & Jamal Adams - burst 6


It's going to make it look bad because people were like Oh. That's not a fair deal until you realize you gotta sink fifteen million dollars a year into this guy. Is it worth it? Baby work it I. Don't know what you think. This whole situations interesting because you look at the the people that you're the draft class Jamal. Adams came up with its Patrick Mahomes for Davis White Labs. Nobody's really gotten that that big contract yet. So like why is Jamal Adams? So pressed on getting this next contract when nobody else in his draft classes gotten paid. That makes me think. The jets are being the jets. The jets have said some disrespectful stuff. Maybe they offered him something that it was totally wasn't worth, but like the idea that he needed to get a deal done now when I think, he's under contract for at least the next two seasons, right that makes sense. That makes me think. The jets are being the jets that being said when his list came out. Of which teams he wanted to go to. Flick a lot of fans were humbled. Because what the list! It was super bowl contenders. He just wants to live. From Texas, he went to Las Vegas. You went okay. They're the favorite second favorite

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