Surging US virus cases raise fear that progress is slipping


For Americans the reality is that the jobs that these foreign nationals have held a ones that US workers kant or won't fill, said the director of government relations at the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Alarming surges in corona virus cases across the south and West have raised fears that the outbreak is spiraling out of control, and that hard won progress against the virus is slipping away because of resistance of many Americans to wearing masks in keeping their distance from others. Confirming predictions that the easing of state lockdowns over the past month and a half would lead to a comeback by the virus. Cases surpassed one hundred thousand in Florida hospitalizations, arising dramatically in Houston and. An startling one in five of those tested in Arizona approving to be infected. Over the weekend, the virus seem to be everywhere at once. Several campaign staff members who helped set up Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa Oklahoma tested positive Texas is among a number of states including Arizona Alabama Florida and South Carolina whose governors have resisted statewide MOSK requirements leaving the matter to local authorities. The number of new corona virus. Across the US, each day has reached more than twenty six thousand up from about twenty one thousand two weeks ago over one hundred twenty thousand deaths in the US been blamed on the virus, the highest toll in the world. In Georgia, the number of people hospitalized because of covid nineteen rose two thousand, a raising a months worth of progress. Infections their highest level since the outbreak began nearly two months after Georgia began lifting restrictions on businesses. Countries such as Brazil India and Pakistan also seeing surging cases. Dr Michael Ryan, the World Health organizations emergencies chief. said the

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