Returning to Work on the New York Subway? Here’s What You Need to Know


As the city of New York gets back to work starts to and people start to get back on subway cars the MTA is taking extra steps up cleaning the trains down to a science at several yards like this one in corona queens dreams go through what looks like a giant car wash now a pilot program is looking at the logistics of using UV C. light to kill viruses and germs inside a train and a New York City transit chief mechanical officer John Santa Maria says the services would get wiped down and then the lights would go on to pile it will help us determine how to best set up the fleet on a shot by shot basis to figure out the most efficient way to go through this process on a nightly basis so far they've figured out how to use it on a whole train in thirty minutes the plan is to make that happen system wide as soon as possible a Columbia University study determined the light is effective at killing the sars COB to virus infected so intense people need to clear out of the car while it's in use you can't see the light but a separate flashing light indicates that it's on Sonia Rincon ten ten wins in corona queens

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