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Wouldn't want them I love that conversation, which players were too far ahead of their time in tune soon like if Chris. Bosh was in his prime today the way he was, he'd be unbelievable I mean he was. He was. It's just. His game is totally built for today. He was that stretch. I mean look at Kevin Love the way. He's adjusted his game. Well. I think there was more of a Lebron Four. Oh my God. Our twitter correspondent Alex Brown door for rods a snapback twitter. You Know He. He said Anthony. Davis was GONNA turn into Kevin Love and just be sitting in the corner with Lebron waiting for threes. And now they run. It's actually wild to see what happened to Kevin Love. He was a twenty and twenty guy yeah. In Minnesota and now he's an age. Now, he's champ. Final question from the mail bag from Dylan. Davis should players who are known dopers being the Mlb Hall of fame examples. Barry Bonds Mark Maguire Etcetera. Should Barry Bonds being the hall of fame. Let me rephrase that question. Should the best baseball player of all time being the hall of fame? Plain and simple, barry bonds was a hall of Famer before he started taking steroids went, but do know when that was. When his neck wasn't fifty inches big. When he was on the pirates, and he was leading the league in stolen bases, and still heading home runs right Yes. They should because essentially these guys. The Barry Bonds. The mark mcgwire's the Sammy, Sosas ben was on our show the other day. They save baseball. Strike in ninety five, these guys. The MLB knew what was happening. They knew they were taking steroids. The MLB is as corrupt as every other league is. They knew these guys were taking steroids. Then want to became into public perception and the MLB started look bad. Then they pinned on the players and made them look bad, but the fact that you're keeping these guys out. Is like everyone was doing it at the time. You know what I mean. If everyone's doing it and you're all at the same level playing field you put him in. It's the baseball Harto the purest of the game. The guys that don't like backflips those guys. Those guys are the ones that are keeping them out and baseball is the hardest sport to get into the hall of fame. You have to have get seventy five percent of the votes, and it's usually three to four guys a year and you're on it for I. Don't know how many years like Barry Bonds. It's like his eighth or ninth. Try or something in the hall family. He's getting towards the end. And they get up every year, but there's no doubt in my mind. They should be in the hall of fame because one they save baseball to. They were just unbelievable players general. And three. Everyone was doing at the time. Everyone was juicing. On an even playing field and they were the best players in their game, so they rally. Deserve it for being relative spoon. But then, but the question is from the Like let's say hypothetically get steroids gives them a thirty percent increase on everything. They did right, and then we could calculate those numbers. Okay, so he hit seventy home runs a year. Okay, now he really only hit forty five, and if you only have forty five for you, know, x amount five. No, no, that's why. I am an agreement and everyone seems to be agreement that they should be in the hall but I. Think Yes they, if you take it if it was a hall of fame, but if they did like a best of by decade, it's a lot easier conversation because like you said. They're all an uneven playing field, but the. The players now don't have that advantage that they have so any numbers. They looked at are going to be looked at as way worse than when

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