How To Get Kids To Drink Water


Hello and welcome back everybody. I hope you're having a lovely summer willing to do this. Probably lots of bad days I certainly had mine yesterday and I hope that you've had a chance to tune into last week's episode where I will a lovely client of mine came on the PODCAST, share her journey of working through a special diet to manage jars, persistent constipation, and of course, the biggest transformation and I still not saying this to her. I couldn't believe you know watching her son on the screen and. and seeing how much he had grown, he was quite quite slim when I met him any his weight center of it sort of caught up with his length. Santana was really nice to see that he had such a lovely transformation from working with me now I'm sure you're wondering whether my Holly Street. Clinic will be reopening I've just holding fire on that I. will be watching with interest everything that we'll be developing in the news and the guidelines that things are that, but until there are more clear. Guidelines on the safety aspects and things like that I will continue to work with you. As video consultations, I use a video conferencing platform called zoo, and that's been working really well. It means that I've been able to offer you evening appointments and of goes Saturday morning appointments and I think you'll agree. That has worked really well. It has been that you could. We could share screens. We share resources. It's been a really nice way a working. Together. The only thing I'd say is that you know e-. I've had to rely on you to do the growth measurements for me, but apart from that the video conferencing has no in really really well, so if you have been thinking about working with me, then I've got a few programs now and these programs have been tested and tries and sort over the years not being. For fifteen years I'd say my private practice. Really launched when my first child was born, and so it's around five years old now, and during that time always offered video connotations, and it's my services have certainly evolved over the years and the programs that are currently offer inclusive course of Fussy eating solutions of the vegan nutrition program and I also have the milk allergy program, and these specifically for if you suspect your child may have delays cosmopolitan allergy and it lied to work with someone like me. Who has years of experience working with children? And of course twelve of those years were at the world, renowned gretel mystery children's hospital where we've seen children from. Loads and notes of backgrounds, different backgrounds so without further ado, let's get started with this week's podcast episode all about fluids, but before I forget always forget to let you know that you can book a free fifteen minute call with navy to know all the different ways of working with me whether that's as part of my programs that are specific for the different. Nutrition problems that you'd want me. Media Help you solve or navigate and manage all if he just offer one of consultation on a very very specific nutrient problem that did not discuss it me then I do have a variety of ways that you can work with me. So I was watching the news this morning and I was so excited. That is going to get really hot next week. What my husband said Oh my goodness. That's too hot for me. Temperatures getting up to the D. degrees that Sina. He finds that really really hot, but I'm excited. I love hot weather so. But of course I'm sure you're thinking I've got to make sure that the kids drink plenty of liquids and absolutely rise have got seven tried and tested ways to get toddler Dettori water and this blog post that have for you has been really really popular Saito. This is the perfect time to shine these tips with you as a podcast episode, and of course, the first most obvious is to run through, and that goes without saying just like you would for picky eating. We know that children mimic behavior, so make sure that your drinking regularly as well especially the type of fluids that you choose would be really important now I. Have a confession to make. I am not the biggest fan of Water I. Know you're probably thinking what sort of Dietitian doesn't drink water well. When we moved, I was around thirteen years when we moved from. Oman's ice live in mind when we moved to. New Zealand, the water in New Zealand Israeli men wrote tasting. It has really. which actually is maybe lovely in hindsight, but you can't say that water doesn't have it taste. I obviously have very high on hypersensitive to taste and I found the taste of water. It just didn't appeal to me at the time and so I. Would you drink flavored water? Are they confess I did drink things like dont trains as a teenager and things like that I swipe. Not Great Choices, but of course because I was also very active in love. Running quite early on I think started running around sixteen years. Dittrich Water I. Probably could have drunk more often than say things like cups of tea, which I drink at the moment or coffee in the morning so. Luckily eight my girls do drink water my new. My husband drinks always as a water bottle in the fridge and he's always drinking from that. As the girls you know, they look up to their dad quite a bit, and they always make sure that they drink with sometimes. They noticed that I do need to remind them

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