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Taran, and the under Gauntlet and I. have kind of been spending time trying to make the economics in kind of. cryptocurrency land little more interpreted. But I've spent a long time working on solution based research. At hoping to apply it to. as people develop crazier and crazier. Systems. You're angry you're is. so the I think the trademark question of being this is usually. What's your back story? How did you get into crypto had his face. Deputies Yeah definitely so Ten years ago I was working at a company called D e Shaw. Research and we built a six for doing. Physics research so a sex In like two thousand and ten I'd say the majority of the people who are working in sex reader, building it building them for telecom use cases. So a lot of Customs F. F. T. like high throughput fit devices for. Different sorts of encoding and encryption. Mechanisms as well as You know defense use case, but there wasn't this current frenzy. Where right now there's. Ever under MOM, trying to build an ACE for self driving cars from learning CRYPTO ET CETERA But we we basically worked on. You know building this crazy. A sick physics research with the idea of applying it to drug discovery, so we were we were. Building the simulation machine that simulated sort of the protein protein shakes. And Yes it was Kinda dislike. Crazy billionaires, research, lab, thing and you spending all his mind, his fortune on building these. And you know in two thousand ten and eleven. When when I was working there, there were a bunch of times where we would by chip space. And the way, the chip-base selection works is yeah. There's a big there's a big physical wafer, and unless you are spending a billion dollars or buying a huge amount of jets basically SMC and Samsung and and people like that will just kind of tell you to. Paul. Probably even less than this. Fuck off! They will instead be like. Go Talk to someone who can take a hundred different orders. Put them together onto one wafer, and like make it economical for them at like a billion dollars. 'cause like they'd be really can't. Run their fabs economically until it's billion dollars so. It'll middleman designer that integrates all these. Little people who are important enough for their time. Goes to TSMC. Yes so the way the way this works is basically you take away her. the you cut it into blocks so Let's say one millimeter square blocks and then you auction those blocks like you make a design in RTL use synthesizer say like this ship is going to be like ten ten ten ten years by ten centimeters. Are the total surface area, and then you go and buy you tell the producer. Hey, we need this much space. The producer take design ads in a bunch of installation. And like other like physical hardware logic to make sure that your design doesn't leak into someone else's so that when it's Fab, so most fabs work by laser etching, and so you don't want the laser to accidentally someone else's design of a gate to action to yours. And so they hold the risk of making sure that your designs on meet, and they also are oftentimes whenever you hear US politicians complain about like. China stealing our. Ip It's usually this step where this happens, often. Because because the these These integrators who put together orders they actually have to have more detail about like what each circuit is doing to make sure that there's like enough power in a certain place or like there's enough installations so that there's not a tunneling event stuff like that.

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