Deal For Dak? - burst 1


To change the way they view things. I, right now, one thing to keep in mind here bubble ain't stokely. Carmichael right like this dude is nine. Huey Newton he's got a picture on the front of his car at a black man and white man, engaging in dapper right like there's nothing revolutionary really about this dude, and he winds up with the news in his place into garage. This is the thing that gets me about this whole situation, though and this is why I. Think it is important. NASCAR by taking the confederate flag out of trying to get away from the racetrack is basically trying to say hey. Man are fans aren't a bunch of races. We are not. Not a racist organization and a whole bunch of people at look back and said what you mean we before the race. You had people surrounding the stadium running around with big old confederate flags. You had somebody over. Talladega would abandon defining NASCAR. NASCAR tried to say we're

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