That's Not CBG! What Should Our Expectations of Labs Be? w/ Austin Flohrschutz, MS of (From BTS #27)


Are there particular products that you've noticed You run into issues more than with others when it comes to testing. That's a great transition because. You're mentioning some of these other plants in how they co at Luton have. Similar profiles and one of the ones that we didn't know about in that. We had to kind of ask the lab We had this topical product that was made with women. and. It was a a CD isolate product, and it came back and it had a ton of CD. G in their. Our like this doesn't make sense like what's going on here. And so we reached out to the company. Who makes his product in there? Like Oh yeah, we had the same issue and it's like. Well you know. How are we supposed to know that from a consumer standpoint? Though. It might be typical for the lab to know. This isn't something for somebody sitting outside to know yeah, and it just kind of shows you. That some of these typical. Oils can kind of come out at the same time. The other question I do how about that as you know we? We asked lab to re analyze that and they will did the Spectra in. It didn't actually confirmed to see confirmed to whatever it wasn't lemongrass that causes. Then the question becomes. What should our expectation? Should that lab? No, no this check that Spectra on there right so that they just saw peak at the whatever Aleutian time it was your. They have the obligation to click on that piquancy. What the entire UV on their DVD was actually showing there You know we could have just taken at face value and said Oh this Rama's lattice bad, but no, we had the conversation with them. Both the company in the lab and kind of figured this out. Kind of shows you a little bit of the method development side of things or product development side of institute.

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