Smoky: The Yorkie Doodle Dandy

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One morning in August of Nineteen forty-five Corporal, Bill Win was jolted awake by a sudden terrifying sound. Typhoon had arrived. As lashing rain, fierce winds whipped the land of kanawha bills caught was ripped from its supports and blown away. The rain was sheeting down and in seconds bill and his comrades was so to the bone. They didn't pause to think just grant their costs and ran for the closest solid building the mess hall. Along with his bed bill also scooped up his Yorkshire terrier smokey to carry her to safety. But Bill had moved only a few feet when his court was snatched away from his grip and flew into the air. With smokey's leash still attached. She was yanked along with the flying caught tumbling through the storm. The tiny dog wasn't alone in the sky, huge sheets of corrugated metal spoon like feathers Colton a breeze. The shop edges posing a deadly threat. Bill gave chase to the airborne caught his eyes fixed on smokey. About fifty feet from where his tent once stood, he managed to snatch both caught and dog, and turned to follow his comrades to take shelter. When they had reached the relative safety of the mess, Hall Bill placed his call against a solid wool. Making sure smokey was okay. She perched atop the bed, a little windswept, but is fine. After all she'd once parachuted in the jungles of New Guinea. This typhoon wasn't going to shake a brave war dog like her. Welcome details apart cast original every week. We tell the stories of historic heroic canines. We'll profile dogs. Sue Save people from quakes to outer space, and even spurred the invention of Velcro if you're looking for fun stories and a warm heart, you're barking up the right tree. I'm your host Alistair. You can find episodes of Doug Tales and all of the podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. To Stream Doug titles for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type dog tales in the search for. This week we're telling the story of smokey. A tiny Yorkshire terrier who accompanied her human bill win during his service in World War Two. Even in the middle of a war zone, smokey's elaborate tricks lifted people's spirits wherever she went. All his life bill wind sought solace with dogs after his father abandoned, the family bills spent two years living at an orphanage where he brought all manner of small creatures back to the cottage institution. He and the other boys somehow got the hands on badges, snakes, and even als to befriend and smuggle back to the orphanage. When bill returned home to his family, he kept up his habit of befriending stray animals. One of his most beloved childhood friends was Powell the puppy of a stray. His mother allowed him to share with the friend. Powell, a monthly bulldog Staffordshire terrier mix proved incredibly receptive to training. He would ride on sleds down snowdrifts then pull the sled back up the hill. On Command, he jumped to snatch bills hat off his head and drop it at his feet. The word up sent POW leaping into the boys arms, so he could carry the dog across a busy street or keep him out of reach of other dogs. Even in adolescence bill displayed a deft touch and patience for training his canine friends. Usually POW walks bill home from school. But one day he didn't show up. Bill waited for weeks hoping his dog would appear. But, eventually he had to admit. How was gone? Bill was crushed. He loved the dog more than anything and losing him was a heartbreak. Heat never felt before. Bill vowed he'd never let anyone animal or human reach his heart that way again. That promise was impossible to keep in one thousand, nine hundred forty two bills, girlfriend Mogae gifted him. A puppy named Toby for his twentieth birthday. Toby was a German Shepherd Doberman Pinscher Mix, and when he was about six months old bill enrolled him in obedience classes. The course was offered by the Cleveland Aubrey. Training School as part of an initiative to supply trained dogs for the war effort. However it was bill, not toby who was called to serve? Five weeks into the program bills numbers came up and he was drafted into a division of the army. That would later develop into the air force. With photography experience from high. School bill was sent to the Army Air Forces twenty-six photo RECON Squadron, which was tasked with performing reconnaissance missions in the Southwest Pacific Theater. By nineteen forty-three, he was stationed with the squadron in new, Guinea. There in a darkened tent, he I met a tiny Yorkshire terrier. excitable young was spinning around the tenth with an energy far outsized for her frame. At seven inches she stood no tola than bills Gi boots, and her baseball sized head was crowned with the same golden for that covered her legs. Her body was steel gray. And

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