Jojy Azurin - The Hustle Of A Startup Mentor - burst 10



I just don't miss this. that. I don't want to go through the daily grind. Shakes than people in how they? How come you're absent yesterday? You know it right right I i. don't like that anymore. Not I don't like you. It's just the. Way from or at least. And you want to be an enabler towards the young ones so actually learn from your experience. Yes, choice though. So I I even change. Who knows you know for? Indian twenty twenty or might me. My change sometimes. You change with or bus or airport or sometimes jus circumstances change. Before we take our last spring. You mentioned Jason. It's no secret that there was another big. That the also beat in your data, people have beaten this okay. Sir, George just dot, the COVID virus recently, but successfully beat it higher well profiled. At that point I was so worried. outselling Maguy couple You know a couple of Episodes ago. Say McGee I don't pre a lot, but I braid for set of because he it's it's. We can't lose a mantar like. Right, the thank you. Lord Lord is so Georgia still around because still going to be my name. Only make US I. Can't be okay, not yet. But Yeah, how were the biggest when you beat something like this? And you're that close life and

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