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NPR news on Jeanine Herbst the number of coronavirus cases is climbing across more than twenty states mostly in the south and the west as NPR's Joel rose reports that has public health experts worry the growing number of cases may partly reflect an increase in testing according to Dr Tom Ingalls being the director of the center for health security at Johns Hopkins University but eagles B. says it also reflects a real increase in cases and hospitalizations particularly in Sunbelt states like Arizona Texas Florida and the Carolinas that's not just because we're doing more testing in a state that's because there is more serious disease in the state speaking on fox news Sunday Ingalls be said those states do not need to go back into lockdown right now he said state leaders should encourage their residents to slow the spread of the virus by avoiding large public gatherings covering their faces and washing their hands frequently told rose NPR news Washington and there are more than two point two million coronavirus infections in the U. S. according to data from Johns Hopkins University and nearly one hundred thousand twenty thousand deaths this as several major cities relax of coronavirus restrictions starting tomorrow police in the Dutch capital use water cannons and officers on horseback to break up protests against rotavirus confinement measures results reports heck of forties

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