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Peace Out


Seven. Three comment Nah pasture some aleinu promenade San. Which means how are you? I'm feeling happy right now because we went for a walk this morning. That usually makes me feel relaxed. What makes you feel relaxed and happy? Maybe it's doing something kind for someone. We have a couple of kindness stories today from listeners who wanted to share about a time. Someone did something kind for them. I here's Abbie Hi my name's Adam. Sold. I live in Neil, you are. and. Reo. Kindness scarring. His one. Man Arrow on the beach. and. He brought the beach chair one for him I'm from me. and. I like him a lot. I think he's the best friend. I could keep. I miss played a area. My friend, I can't wait until of corona thing Lozo. Thank you avi. I'm sure Arielle misses you, too. He sounds like a very good friend and I can't wait for this. Over to. Thanks for sharing your kindness story abby. Now here's Amelia. I, my name is Amelia and I'm ten years old and I'm from Delaware and when someone showed kindness to me is where my mom helped me with my schoolwork, and I also love your show. I listened to it almost every night. Peace Out and peace within. Thanks Amelia. How lucky you are to have your mom able to help you with your schoolwork. Thank you for sharing. A lot of parents and caregivers are now having to do a lot more helping with online school assignments. There are many things that can be frustrating about being home right now. which is why responding with kindness is more important than ever. When we react to something, someone sadder done without thinking about it. It could lead to a saying or doing something that will hurt others. And while it might make you feel good for a little bit. I'm willing to bet that feeling won't last long. However! If we take an extra moment or two to think about how we will respond that lets us think about how to make better choices in our actions and gives us time to choose helpful, not hurtful words. Even when it's hard. It might help to remind yourself to take some deep breaths before saying or doing anything. Give it a try next time. Here's one more kindness story. That was sent an e-mail. It says hi. My name is Armani. I am nine years old. I listened to peace out every night. It all started on my second day at my new school. I had no one to play with. I came up to emily. She is now my best friend. I asked her if I could play with her. And of course she said yes. ps, I love the science episodes. Thank your money. Starting at a new school is definitely not easy time, so glad that emily was such a good friend to you right from the start. And thank you I love the science episodes to. It's fun to read up and Research on constellations and g odes, and for this episode. Salmon! I learned so much writing these stories to. Thanks again to everyone who sent in a kindness story. We will definitely listen and read each one and reply, but it just might take some time. All right, let's get started everyone. Let's sit up in a comfortable position. Rest your hands on your knees. or in your lap. Breathing. As, you up, nice and tall. Gently Roll your shoulders back. Lift Your Chin a little. Look forward. And close. Your eyes if you'd like. For comedown count down. You can just keep breathing as you listen. Or you can try time your breathing with the numbers. Breathing in when you hear number. And breathing out in between the numbers. Ready. Ten. Nine. seven six. Five. Four. Three. Two

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