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How do pirates retire?


And all next week. I'm investigating the myths and mysteries of the pirates that sailed the seven seas during the golden age of piracy. Yesterday I debunked the idea that pirates never had treasure chests full of gold blooms and pieces of eight and cited the discovery of the pirate ship wide up by BERRY CLIFFORD CHESTER TREASURE. That he hold from the remains of that ship and yeah it was a treasure map that led into that site today. I'll detail how pirates were able to repair their ships despite being unable to pull in any protocol and where they ended up when they go to old from the coast of wealth leak Massachusetts where Clifford found that pirate ship. Wider will travel eight thousand miles across the Atlantic cross the continent of Africa to an island in the Indian Ocean in the seventeenth century. A thirty one mile stretch of land was called Ile Sainte Marie. Just a short sale as the seagull flies. For in the seventeen and eighteenth century was home to more than a thousand pirates but it was no mere coincidence that the colony was set up on seemingly remote island this particular stretch of land in the Indian Ocean was chosen specifically for location from here. The pirates could easily intercept and plunders ships. Traveling from the East indies laden with valuable cargo. So associated was island with piracy that gone to Madagascar for Limes. Was a message often left at pirate meeting places. It is believed that feared Brin Adam Baldrige realized that the bays and inlets of the island would provide safety for ships as well as affording about a full supply of fresh food water and women. It is also thought that the ample supplies of fruit were used for making that infamously favorite drink of these. See Ferry Marauders. Rum was the many inlets. The provided a defensible harbor for careening. This ship was pulled ashore and much of its whole. Planking was either scraped clean or replaced because this process placed ships and their crew in a vulnerable situation change were pulled across the entrance to the inland just below the surface. In the event of the pirate harbour was discovered in an English or Spanish ship attempted to enter the chain would rip out there Keel but more than a pirate harbour. I all Sainte. Marie became last stop for aging pirates. To this day you can go. To The island of find hundreds of stone markers at with names dates and the skull and crossbones on some many times entire crew would end up on the island and bury their treasure often in fear of having it taken by another pirate truth. Tunnels were dug containing all kinds of traps. Should an attempt be made to steal their booty? One of the most notorious Captain Kidd suffered at the hands of his crew burned his ship to the water that was the adventure galley and then sank after the remains of the ship were discovered so many tourists came to what was commonly called. Pirates island. This would be about nineteen eighties. They were injured when they descended into those ancient pirate tunnels so many were injured that the local government had the entrances cemented over. Well Monday. I'll describe what life on a pirate ship was like. And how many pirate cans couldn't fire a cannonball more than one hundred feet and what the battle between ships was really

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