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Players’ union responds to MLB health and safety proposal for delayed 2020 baseball season


Steve the baseball players union has responded to the league's health and safety proposal they want more frequent cove in nineteen testing than what the league proposes multiple times per week at the union also addressed protocols for positive tests protection for high risk players and their families access to pregame and postgame therapies that's a big one two players think the ban on hydro therapy and showering at the park is over the top they also don't want to show up to the park already in uniform and they think they they don't think they should have to get permission from the team to be able to leave cardinals shortstop in Mets killer Paul the young says he's fine I was somebody off the field limitations but he like a little more freedom when he's at the ball park he called some of those restrictions like no spitting into sunflower seeds silly the young **** simple question okay what what if I get dirt in my mouth and I have to spit but he says he understands where the leak is

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