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#209: Casinos Start to Reopen


Episode. Two hundred nine of you can bet on that tape. Hi everybody welcome to. You can bet on that. Podcast for the recreational gambler of all sitting at his home is Dr Mike. So a lot has happened since our last episode as far as casino's opening happened a lot sooner than I thought it would but a bunch of openings have popped up across the country. Yeah it's funny. How one goes and they all go there like dominoes. Falling one of the first places to open was deadwood South Dakota and in fact. We talked about some pictures that we saw the opening. When we're on the better life podcast this last week. We were a little surprised at some of the face coverings and some of the lack of face coverings at some places but it's now spreading to the rest of the country and we. I heard that. V8 Haas Casino. Which is here in San Diego County? We I heard that it was going to be opening. We heard about it last week and it actually opened up this past Monday and the same day has Cherokee also opened up. Although it was invitees only I assume maybe they invited diamond in seven stars members at the Harris Cherokee via Haas. Was I think just a regular public opening right as far as I know and you and I were toying with the idea of actually stopping in to see what it was like. We were thinking well. Let's go in. We won't play but will walk around. We won't touch anything just to kind of get a feel for what they were doing. So we can talk about on the show but then we ended up talking ourselves out of it really for health reasons more than anything else but now. I'm really glad we didn't try to go because the line was huge to get in. Yeah they said it circled. The building. Funny thing is so today. Ciclon casino here in San Diego opened and I just saw just a few minutes ago on the news where there were no lines. Yeah See Interesting. People were just going in and out regular like they would anywhere else and they had a soft opening though yesterday for VIP's So maybe that maybe. A lot of people who were higher tier status went yesterday. And you know they didn't feel like going today or whatever. Yeah that could be and more casinos here. In San Diego are going to be opening up a very soon. In fact Harris Southern California where we usually go is opening Friday. We have decided. We're probably not going to go this opening weekend. Certainly not on Friday or Saturday and we're debating. When were actually going to go? I'd kind of like to get a report from there to see what conditions are like. In fact you know I'll tell you what let's play a couple of a voice voicemails here because we have been getting a few reports but first off. Let's start with Jason. Who kind of had some questions about tribal casinos in what they might be doing. Hey It's Jason From Michigan. Sorry pistol. Loins out out for my morning. Walk with either walk runner by Multiple Times a day. That's all I do now. But WanNa call in and let you know here in Michigan. We do have a tribal casino in upper. Up Michigan is trying to open next weekend. Which by the time you get to this. It'll have passed and they are in the Bates. Plays with the governor. Curtly trying to get that done. I'll be very curious when you play this. Podcast if the Casino wins or the State Wins and just to get your thoughts on that that's been be the future of starting to open guns. Their government wishes. That's all have a great day. You guys are doing well. Well certainly in the case of the San Diego Casinos around US I. I don't know if defiant to finance might be too strong a word but they're definitely going against the suggestion of the government by opening. Yeah it's it's kind of mixed though. Haven't you seen that? Some people in government positions are like well. Okay and other people are like no. They shouldn't open and I hear different stuff from different people so like with everything else. It seems like in our lives lately. You're getting mixed results. It's weird and one of the things we talked about on the better life to is. We're not GONNA make any judgments for people who feel very strongly one way or the other because they are very emotional issues and each person has to decide what's important to them. Well I thought one thing that was interesting here in San Diego. There's a county supervisor. And he wanted to keep this county of San Diego closed a lot longer but then when he was asked about the casinos his response was well. That's sovereign ground and native Americans. Over time have put up with a lot. So if they want to open okay That's the thing their sovereign territory. And so that really is a lot of the argument is well okay. If if they want good it's not like they're just opening the flood gates right. They are taking precautions right. They're trying to do the best they can. I think and another funny thing is some of the ones here in San Diego County have said they're not opening just today. Palma casino which is a relatively small casinos said that they have no plans to open anytime soon. and it wasn't. I think for financial reasons it was just that whoever's in charge of that particular casino feels that it's not safe and you and I have talked about how Gerona which is one of the big players in town. It's like the only big casino that does not have plans right now to open right and I don't know about you mark. I kind of consider Borana as the oldest most established casino here in San Diego. You know I don't know if it's technically true but I know what you mean is certainly. It's well respected. It's a great property. They have really great rules for gamblers. It seems really well run. Yeah I agree I always kind of look at it. It's the standard and I kind of expected they'd open I to be honest. You know what I hope. They do when they reopen. I hope they have this. Huge marketing campaign says come catch the BARONI virus and it'll be like super offensive right and in incredibly bad taste. But you and I'll just be loving it. We'll show the Baroda virus if you've got the wrong guy with US thermometer in his mouth. You know pulling the slots oh well. Getting back to Jason's call. They are having some problems in Michigan in the state of Michigan. Right now and praying for those people the flooding and stone. Gosh yeah terrible. Well one of our listeners did go to. Va host this opening week. So let's hear from a different Jason Guys Jason Marsh. Saudi given you the first opening up trip report. Yeah was the first casino in the San Diego County Open Up. I went on the second day and just wanted to get get an idea of what I saw. Every other machine was giving plenty of space for people to social distancing blackjack tables and other card tables were all the three players Max. 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