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The Day We Zoom'd With Tituss Burgess - burst 35


So John Krasinski and his youtube show some good news maybe done online but it has a new home. Cbs All access has picked it up. They are going to rebrand dead and they're going to have new episodes and they're going to actually move it around in the company wants it's done with. Cbs All access but Kozinski will not be hosting. He will be executive producer. They will be looking for a new host so I will keep you posted on that. I think he would be an amazing host. He's done so well but maybe he doesn't WanNa House we we don't we don't know what's going on. So how many times has this happened because this has happened to me? Before Chris Pratt was trying to clean out his inbox. He had all these unread messages. Many of them were from fans. He deleted fifty one thousand emails and he started panicking because a lot of them. Like I said we're from fans and he didn't know what to do up boy. Get them back. Oh well what are you going to do?

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