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Frommer here hoping you're having a good long weekend I


Frommer here hoping you're having a good long weekend I Jason is here as well you want to say how do you Jason the Memorial Day weekend does one say happy Memorial Day I was I was struggling with that actually but whatever you call it Memorial Day is or do Morial day weekend is considered the kick off to summer for a lot of a summer means beaches so we're gonna talk a lot about beaches today because there's been a lot of news surrounding beach destinations rules for beaches what the best beach in the United States is it's all come out this week I and we'd love to discuss it so we want to hear from you what is your favorite beach experience and we're hoping he'll talk about a beach maybe a little farther from home because we're hearing that local beaches don't necessarily want outsiders crowding into them right now so this is more about the travel some day five what has been a great beach experience you have had if you want to chat with us the numbers eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. that translates to eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two Jason do you have a favorite beach experience

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Frommer here hoping you're having a good long weekend I

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