05-20-20 Coping with grief from a distance


Not necessarily because of course. The practices are dictated by the individual. Try but we've still gone You know to the reservation and had services again. It's encouraging the social distancing And as a whole we've not really changed the types of services we're having it's just how they're attended and how people are behaving. What are some of the challenges that families are facing when planning a funeral these days? I think it's it's just not being able to have those around them. You know I think that's that's the biggest challenge and it's You know they. Everyone has their norm of what they're used to doing. And then not being able to do it or having to modify that we've had families That you know we're encouraging maybe have small family gathering now and then we'll offer you know to help them with something larger later when more people can gather you know but but it's just not being able to see those they love during this time. Mike thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate it It's Mike Watkins. He's the vice president of operations for Danielle's family funeral service. We appreciate you being on the show. Today it's my pleasure. Thank you and today. We are talking about When a loved one walks on and What's the grieving how? The grieving process is changed because of Corona virus. If you've had to plan a funeral during this time And you WanNa share what your experience was like. What were some of the challenges? How things had to change. Give us a call. Phone lines are open for you. The number is one eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight. Let's go now to meddling a key she's the Navajo family assistance services supervisor for the Navajo Nation and she is DNA. Welcome Maddalena. Thank you so much for joining us you for having me so We're sending good thoughts and prayers to the Navajo Nation during these difficult times. Tell us about some of the services that are The Navajo nation is providing for win. Loved ones have walked.

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