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This evening if you're if you're south of Boston you could get some rain tonight partly cloudy in down to forty five tomorrow is going to be mostly sunny but cool spell high fifty five in Boston inland in the mid sixties tomorrow night partly to mostly cloudy down forty seven for the holiday cool but pleasant with some sun at times high near sixty at the coast to seventy in some spots inland Tuesday's going to be a little warmer seventy six and getting warmer still on Wednesday with highs near eighty right now it's fifty seven degrees in Natick sixty two in Belmont fifty two overcast in Boston at two forty five this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good afternoon I Madison Rodgers hearing five things you need to know at two forty five getting the beach this Memorial Day weekend will be different as sunbathers are encouraged to maintain social distancing in New Hampshire governor Sununu discouraging anyone from going to the beach Massachusetts asking anyone over seventy to stay home

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Newsradio ten thirty with the news

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