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Brown station road and John


Temperatures today reaching to right around eighty degrees out we were looking like we were gonna have a good chance of some showers and thunderstorms throughout the day today but now only isolated chance so small chance twenty percent chance throughout the day we have a few showers and thunderstorms this morning but there should clear out as we continue through the morning and then again Kerry only isolated chance throughout the day once again temperatures around eighty or much cooler tomorrow plenty of clouds temperatures in the low seventies and upper sixties for your Sunday but we are dry for your Sunday drive for Memorial Day looking good for grilling looking good for anything you want to do outside is those temperatures move back into the upper seventies to right around eighty degrees so many looking good Tuesday Wednesday Thursday the heat and humidity picked up this temperatures climb into the eighties with plenty of sun I'm sorry for me I'll just warn rickets sixty seven degrees in Gaithersburg seventy two now in Leesburg seventy one in Washington to Baltimore excessive heat to the Shenandoah

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Brown station road and John

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