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Companies to manufacture more of the vaccine have it more readily available for people to use


Virus the world has been waiting for a vaccine some type of effective treatment or cove in nineteen and drugmaker Madonna said on Monday that its experimental coronavirus vaccine had induced an immune response and some of the healthy volunteers who were vaccinated in a clinical study these are the first results for the first vaccine that is entered human testing so these results are very preliminary and only for a portion of the study participants but at this point any news that we're getting on the good side of it it is being looked at very closely according to a maternity chief executive they said that the data suggests that this vaccine it's called M. RNA twelve seventy three as a high probability to provide protection from cove in nineteen disease in humans and that one something like this happens shares on Wall Street go up I think they went up about twenty seven percent from a dharna after news of this had come out so what we have some good news right now with this we're still quite a ways before we will actually have a vaccine the company said that their vaccine could be ready for emergency use as early as the fall if it continues to work in other testing the F. D. A. has given Madera permission to begin their second stage of testing which showed the phase two trial is going to be could involve about six hundred people possibly and the phase three trial they said they could begin that in July so things are moving very fast in this sense but things might not be ready for the fall at the earliest it's a little bit more about this particular vaccine moderna co designed this vaccine with the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases and they're the ones are leading the clinical trial that began in March and for some of the participants that ranged in age from eighteen to fifty five they were given various doses of the vaccine and it said it increased immune responses including boosting certain antibodies to levels at or above those seen in blood samples from people who have recovered from cove in nineteen so people that have recovered from cove in nineteen have a certain level of antibodies this vaccine was providing them with that same amount or more at least and the responses they said included both binding antibodies which attach the viruses but don't prevent infection as well as neutralizing antibodies which do block infection so it's working on two fronts and the news is good on both the results don't show whether the vaccine actually protected people from the disease caused by the virus that's going to be looked at in further studies but the antibodies are there as far as side effects ago there weren't really too many one participant experience redness around the injection site and three other subjects that were receiving the highest dose that they were giving in these tests had systemic symptoms which includes things like fever muscle pains and headaches but they said that those symptom is went away after a day that high dose by the way is being eliminated from future studies not necessarily because of the side effects but because the lower doses appear to work so well that the high dose is not needed and that could be very beneficial that if they go with the lower dose because that'll allow companies to to manufacture more of the vaccine have it more readily available for people to use so while this is all very good news the findings actually don't prove that the vaccine works just yet we still need larger longer studies to determine whether it can prevent people from getting it and real world situations the other thing about modernist acts seen as that they're using genetic material from the virus called messenger RNA and it's sometimes they call it M. RNA this whole process and making vaccines in this way is still relatively new and has yet to produce any approved vaccine but so far the news is good and they're going to keep working on this one what happens next you know that the next part of this is that governments and drug makers are looking at how to roll out a corona virus vaccine including reserving some of the first batches for healthcare workers and those that are very essential there's more than a hundred vaccines in development globally right now and at least eight have started testing in humans that includes the one from a donor were just talking about others from Fizer as well and the big giants like Johnson and Johnson AstraZeneca Sanofi they're building up their capacity to make hundreds of millions of doses on their own or their partners vaccines once they get approved and and once are proven to work so there's still a long way to go on this and right now this is this larger restaurant out of the lineup funding for accelerated testing an expanded manufacturing because once the vaccine gets approved that's the next up we have to manufacture enough of that vaccine to start using it more widely there's a lot of drug makers who have been building up their capabilities to make these vaccines and they've pledged to deliver millions of doses this year but you know a a big supply to vaccinate the general population might not really become available until well into twenty twenty that's why we keep talking about with these things it is with the vaccines it's a long game it takes a long time to get this and public health officials in vaccine experts hope that more than one vaccine will cross the finish line to boost the total number of doses available as we said Madonna right now is the only one with some good news so hopefully a few other vaccine candidates start sharing some good findings and with this limited supply that's going to be initially available of these vaccines everybody's already trying to see who would get first dibs on that so companies receiving U. S. federal grants like Johnson Johnson return S. and OP they're expected to reserve some of those houses for Americans but really the first groups to get all of this would be at at the head of the line for this would be any frontline health care workers first responders essential workers like grocery pharmacy food supply and mass transit employees you know as we've been talking about for some time now these essential employees that keep the economy going I'm so they would all be at the front of the line to get some type of potential vaccine so overall some good news for Madonna hopefully as I mentioned we can get some more good news from other companies that are testing their own vaccines but for now some promising results out of Madonna one of the big ongoing questions how we might get back to normal many experts say it won't happen until we get a vaccine which is still quite some time away others say something like herd immunity could also get us back but it seems that without working in conjunction with the vaccine herd immunity won't save us either there are number of unknown variables that need to be factored in such as how long we have immunity for after recovering from coping nineteen and to meet this threshold without a vaccine it could mean more deaths for more on how we get to herd immunity we spoke to Kelly Rogers reporter

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Companies to manufacture more of the vaccine have it more readily available for people to use

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