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The Big Debate


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the passing shot tennis caused by fans. My name's Joke Kelly. I'm Kim McKenzie and today on the big debate we're discussing the greatest players to never have won a singles Grand Slam title. Take your seats. Thank you everybody hype you while Hyppia Safe On. What would it be today? The very star of the French Open Garros Second Grand Slam off the season. Obviously we have no live at is to catch up on what main came have decided to do in. This episode is commemorated. The occasion by looking back at some of the best players to have never won a grand slam singles title. And it's nothing is fair to say it's quite Alexi List that we've we've captured and are few surprising. Names bad did about is the yeah. We've had a lot of suggestions for our listeners and followers say thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and we have had some niche suggestion straight in as well. I'm actually trying to think plays on these lists. Yeah A lot. More names came up that I was actually wanting to and I mean really one of the questions is where do you draw the line? How do you quantify like how many slam final how many titles players had to have one career ranking? They had to achieve to cut be considered good enough To have been capable of winning slam. Is it how close they came and in a final. Is it just what they did in terms of the rest of their career that you could kind of define it? Let's say we'll be looking into this more detail but yeah it's it's quite an impressive list of talent on this list and makes you realize actually how perhaps unjust sport can be when some of our favorite players never quite managed to go all the way exactly and as he said I could this list dominate at Alex. Verify think if that career they will at some point be able to kind of break that that grandson duck. We're going to start actually with a really popular answer. The calls one of one of the first thing that came into my head. It was one of the first that came into of our listeners. Had as well and that player is David Nalbandian. Who the me as one of those payers who do not doubt that he had the technical ability to win a Grand Slam. It was more. I think the injuries him. I think this is fiscal outlook or school. He was quite stocky and made. Now bandying was one of those players. Where yes he? He could be anyone on his day. He was let down by injuries. And the fact the his maneuverability around the court wasn't wasn't the greatest. Yeah I would agree. I think now found him probably gave into the list of being too injury. Prone to to capture title assertively. He was around before the dominance of of the big three m federal was kind of coming to the scene of course but Sam either he was before when the era of Jovic in middle kind of say dominating everything when you look back at what he actually achieved. It's very impressive. Though he was the the only Argentinian in history to reach semifinals Al Slams and even just reached semi-finals and more at all is is a feat in itself and oversee most famous he reached the Wimbledon final thousand. T- leasings Lleyton Hewitt which you okay. This was his best opportunity to witness lamb. However I think in this final you look at the score line and it was so comprehensive. He think if he wasn't capable of kind of doing more on the day at such a kind of big opportunity. I know this question marks around kind of whether he really sees the moment because slates near be like six one six three six two very straightforward line and this was the tournament. Schley going back to this two thousand Buddha. The top seventeen seeds were knocked out before the fourth round. It was only Asian. You and Tim Henman. It will get onto later. That actually came through so you think ooh found in. I don't know I guess maybe even getting to the final was a bit of a stroke of luck giving given that he was Didn't he wasn't having to play top top names to get that far. Sipa houses move reflection of that but yes that very consistent across the Sam's reaching the semi of old of them and the fact that he he was able to be the big three as well. I mean we talked about it in a in a recent Poe cost about the fact that he. He's the only player to beat in the Big Three in one tournament. In in Madrid. I think he'd be Federa Djokovic and the Dow so he was able to kind of know only just do it on one occasion. He was able to come string great consistency across. You know what you would need at a grand slam across. Two weeks is just yeah. You almost fell the loss hurdle as he said. He got to the semi finals of L. Better every Grand Slam and I think it's just a bit of a shame that he got so far but doesn't really have a lot to show for it in terms of in terms of actual titles and that two thousand eighteen. Would you look at the George? Dd that kind of that was potentially could have been his. May I know kind of you know? He's up against the world number one. The Best Player Lleyton Hewitt. But certainly you know how to kind of solve easiest drawer to get to the final to go out. So comprehensively was almost shabelle on his part.

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