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These stories and more coming up the next fifteen minutes the first at seven fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes the five cheers Rick Smith in Pico Rivera northbound side of the six oh five right for you to rose hill's account for stalled car then it's going to be in the slow lane if you're headed to San demus the eastbound side of the tent at via Verde disabled work truck that's it also in the slowing that's kind of a blind curve area so just be careful if you're headed through there in Anaheim the eastern side of the ninety one right before you get to Tustin Avenue conked out car carpool lane is blocked there the five south on the Lincoln offering allied activity going on on the right shoulder the offramp because fan earlier accident there in Korea held the one oh one east from raise it over to king and Roach Caltrans is working on the right lane five north and south in Burbank that's where we've got the Burbank Boulevard off ramps closed

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