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Well the question that a lot of people are


About texture yeah well the question that a lot of people are probably thinking about asking right now is is your advisor handling market volatility around how how or how do they do that and you know what things are they proactive aren't they reactive are you getting the response if you call in with a question that came close in with another question that I have on my list right so many clients does your adviser Hey now there's no magical number the thing that's important here is are they if they have just a few are they doing the business are you their biggest clients you know that's something to look at as well our highly established and if they have a lot of clients are they overloaded meaning if you call and ask the question how long does it take to get a response back do they have a staff that supported them to help you with that or do you feel you have to keep leaving messages all the time that's because I hate voicemails by the way everybody knows that in my office I want to make sure that somebody's getting the attention they deserve right when they call but it's very important to have that attention because things are quite timely things can change as you know they might be and we wanna make sure that we're prioritizing your needs over our meetings absolutely well the one thing that adds that to Terry you know if yes how many clients they is visor has also how many points similar to me and I think that's really important to say you know since it is there is this their first shot at managing a portfolio of talking for someone like me and a lot of our clients or prospective clients and they come in for the first time that's

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Well the question that a lot of people are

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