Philadelphia - Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf To Sign Bill Allowing Taverns, Restaurants To Sell Cocktails-To-Go


Also governor Tom wolf says he'll sign a bill allowing many bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to go during the Copa ninety crisis K. Y. W. stron McDevitt reports it's not clear when you can order off those mixed drinks just like you do for takeout food I will sign it that's governor wolf saying he will sign the bill into law it will not laces restaurant owners to temporarily offer takeout cocktails with take out food orders during the pandemic and owners have been waiting for this teddy Siri is on several center city restaurant bars including brew trades men's and bloom well we actually already have the containers in place we have the stickers that cover the holes so there's nothing there and there's a lid on some of the cocktails there's seals on other ones and there's also a look at the stickers will you put the straw and so we have that covered and it's sixty four ounces Max we do have some crawlers we would that we use for beer I knew I would be able to do like a large batch cocktails as well three says he hopes to increase business by thirty percent which us the added alcohol sales John McDevitt KYW

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