NAACP, local Seattle families call for reform in wake of fatal officer-involved shootings


Families whose loved ones died in officer involved shootings are working with the regional chapter of the N. double ACP to advocate for specific police reform measures the live NYC pop of reports from Seattle with what those families had to say how many times we gotta keep reminding you on the street where and resident Gerald Hankerson says change needs to happen now but we don't have to go to the east coast right here in the city obscene Hankerson in the local chapter of the N. double ACP invited people who lost a family member by a law enforcement officer every to sit down and discuss what kind of changes they want to see here in Washington more quick justice we we wanted fast since your son Sean this call back in April by police did you shoot unarmed man with his baby in his arms when he ran into the back yard and had nowhere else to go that's the only question that needs to be asked many of the families here wanted leaders like Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan and Pierce county sheriff Paul pastore to resign for these incidents what they say is an action that followed stop making announcements about what you plan on doing and actually do it even after Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced a statewide inquiry of all officer involved shooting investigations families like many Ellis's mom marsia Carter say they're tired of what they call empty promises all the crying is stopping now I want to see action attention that they say is long overdue we need to get them the off of our necks in our communities which has been on on deck for since we've been here and part of that action includes looking at nine nine forty because they say there are still issues with it even after it was approved two years ago Nick problem come on Everest

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