Hoboken's Spike In COVID-19 Cases Due To Travelers Returning From Hot Spot States


Is is still still good good on on Corona Corona virus virus in in New New York. York. But But there there are are new new concerns concerns in in New New Jersey. Jersey. The The lady's lady's reports reports show show a a drop drop of almost 200 cases from Friday to Saturday, easing concerns of another spike in the Empire State. The spike is exactly what they're worried about in Hoboken. Mayor Ravi Bhalla says 13 new covert 19 cases Thursday and Friday are the highest two day total since mid May. All traveled out of state where they attended gatherings, Thankfully, They heated our call that we previously put out alerting residents. To this early tread. Had to get tested. If you traveled to a a hot hot spot, spot, ST ST Most Most were were asymptomatic. asymptomatic. And And he he says says That's That's why why the the governor governor asking asking travelers travelers from from 16 16 states. states. A A quarantine quarantine is is so so important important as as well well as as testing, testing, Hoboken's Hoboken's chief chief health specialist, Lynette Maduro says it's not just a problem in Hoboken. Actually, we're seeing spikes in cases across the state. Better travel related. Um I've been in contact with other health departments and other health officers and public health professionals and Especially over the last week. We can have

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